Paint Correction

This detail is very similar to our enhancement detail but is a more intensive process. Involving a 2 or 3 stage heavy machine polish to remove as many defects,swirls marks and scratches as is safe to do so. After the polishing stage a protection of your choice is then added from either a wax sealant or in many cases due to the hard work put in removing as many defects as possible a ceramic coating is offered to protect your paint work for as long as possible and keep it looking its best. Previously with a ceramic coatings the vehicle would need to be garaged for a minimum of 12 hours for the curing process, but now with the recent advancements in coatings technology the same process can be applied and and allowed to cure under a protective sacraficial hybrid wax and silicon based layer with out need for garaging and a long cure time.The ceramic coat still needs to cure but is protected by the sacrificial layer and so can with stand being left in the elements and cure under this layer which is a god send in our climate. We also offer a rubber coating with its semi self healing properties and more durable finish, where as before a maximum life, if maintained well for a ceramic coating would be upto 3 years, the rubber coating can go as far as potentially 5 years.

From £450
Extra layers of protection £20 per layer

With glass ceramic coatings (3year) from £550

With rubber membrane coating (5 year) from £650

Wheels off service to protect the full wheel and arches £120

Additional windscreen and full exterior window coating from  £60

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