Lincolns leading professional car Detailing and car care service. For over a decade, we have been delivering this unbeatable service in Lincoln and its neighbouring towns and villages producing incredible results time and time again. Born out of a passion and obsession for car perfection, Karspa will not fail to impress.

Here at karspa we are constantly adopting innovative new technology and techniques to provide the best car Detailing service possible, investing in new products and equipment to aid in our pursuit for perfection. Working within the industry for over a decade, we have gained vast knowledge and experience which has turned the business into what it is today.

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As Stu and Will both have a massive passion for cars, Detailing soon got under there skin and they where very keen to learn everthing they could. After years of learning and Detailing hundreds of cars they have gained vast knowledge and experience (some would call them geeks, but they're more than happy with that) which has turned them into the detailers they are today. 

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The majority of our work is on high-end machines, though over the past couple of years we've seen the number of family cars having detailing work undertaken increasing as a wider audience start to appreciate the benefits it brings.

Luxury, Sports & Classic64%
Family Cars36%
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Owner & Head Detailing Technician

Stuart is the man in charge with a wealth of knowledge and abilities spanning nearly a decade working on all types of vehicles. If you don't find Stuart working on a vehicle you will pretty much find him behind his desk researching the latest products to better the business always striving for perfection in every job he undertakes. He has based his business on his favorite motto “you never stop learning” which when applied to his business and industry which changes and evolves so rapidly, he needs to be on the pulse constantly.

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Book keeping & Accounts

Lindsey is the driving force behind Stuart, she keeps Stuart in check and limits his expenditure on his ever growing range of products and equipment he just can't help buying. Lindsey spends most of her time making sure the business runs like clock work from book keeping to job scheduling. Being one of the biggest fans of Stuarts work she helps keep his feet firmly planted on the ground and encourages him to be the best he can be since the day they met.

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Media & Detailer

Will joined the business in 2015,keen to learn everything he can from the master, always trying to go the extra mile for the boss. Luckily Will has known Stuart for many years as they are childhood friends who grew up together, so working as a solid efficient team comes as second nature to them both. As a keen amateur photographer Will has made it his mission to try and take the look of Karspa's work from vehicle to media presentation to the next level, found on many occasion in the most obscure positions trying to take the perfect picture. Machine polishing and exterior work is Will's forte always keen to strive towards absolute perfection in the paintwork when machine polishing.

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