What a bad way to end your holiday!
20 Sep

What a bad way to end your holiday!

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The owner of this 2 year old BMW 5 series collected their car from the meet and greet service at Manchester airport after coming back from holiday at approximately 4 am in the morning. Upon collection they noticed the rubber mat had water on it, not thinking anymore of it they drove to a nearby Travelodge to get some sleep before driving home. Upon getting in their car later that day and in daylight they noticed the passengers front and rear footwells were soaking wet as well as the passengers seat, they also noticed a cigarette in the rear passengers footwell and a smell of smoke (neither of whom smoke themselves). The people from the meet and greet service had obviously been smoking in their car, had the window open to let the smoke out, not closed it properly and heavy rainfall had got in. Luckily they called us straight away and we have fixed all of the issues for them.
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