What is a coating?

Tuesday, 03 October 2017

So you may have heard about coatings for your car to protect it for X amount of years but what really is a coating and what are you buying?

Well after finishing a new car protection recently we had a tiny amount of product (Max Protects 3 year glass coat) left in the bottle so we thought we would show you exactly what a coating is. We poured the coating on to some plastic sheeting and let it cure. As you can see from the picture when set a coating is a membrane (although this is quite thick due to how it was set) which is thick and hard (unlike a wax) and designed to last for years rather than months. Coatings are also chemical resistant, UV resistant,, improve scratch resistant, make cleaning easier and keep that just Detailed look wash after wash. Why settle for a wax that only lasts a few months when you can have a coating for years to come.

We honestly can't think of any reason not to coat your car. 

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Although you probably dont like to think about it Winter is on its way so its time to think about protecting your pride and joy ready for the harsh enviroments your car will endure during this time. Until November 30th were currenly offering 15% off all our protection Details just quote "karspa1130" when you book. 


please note: our Protecion Details are priced after a viewing of your vehicle a discount will then be applied after the price is given. 



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Karspa Summer Special

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Its summer time! Get you car looking amazing for the summer with our special Karspa Summer deal


For a limited time and availability Karspa will be offering a whopping 20% off all detailing packages taken until the 31st of August, so don't miss out on this great deal we are offering over the summer period. simply get in touch with our friendly helpful staff and book in for a free no obligation consultation to discuss the posibilities for your vehicle.

Happy Summer from the Karspa Team

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