This detail is aimed at cars that have very light swirling and scratches. Designed to enhance the overall look of your vehicle, add lustre, gloss and depth of shine to the paint work. After fully preparing the vehicle the paint is treated to a light machine polish or what is commonly known as a stage 1 polish to remove light swirls and scratches. A protection of your choice is then added to paint, wheels and windscreen. Full details to be discussed with one of our technicians upon enquiry, who will help discuss what best suits your needs.

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  • Safe wash of vehicle using snowfoam, two buckets etc
  • Chemical decontamination to remove any contaminates i.e tar, fallout
  • Mechanical decontamination if necessary to remove any additional contamination
  • Vehicle rinsed then dried using a super soft drying towel
  • Any additional trapped water removed using compressed air
  • Paint measurments taken
  • Trims and delicate areas taped
  • Single stage machine polish to add gloss and refine paint
  • Vehicle wiped down to remove any polishing oils and remaining residue
  • Protection applied to paint and trims
  • Wheel faces protected with wheel wax
  • Interior/exterior glass cleaned
  • All chrome polished and protected
  • Tyres dressed
  • Final inspection of vehicle


  • Max protect V2/UNCR applied to paint and all exterior trim
  • Wheels protected with Max Protects V1 and V2 (on or off vehicle)
  • All glass treated to Max protects UGC

Time taken

1-2 days


Protected with Wax/Sealant From £295
Extra layers of wax £20 per layer

Protected with Max Protects V2 from £395
All paint and trims protected providing up to 3 years worth of protection

Protected with Max Protects UNCR from £495
All paint and trims protected providing up to 5 years worth of protection

Wheel Protection on car £40
Wheels removed and protected front to back £160

Windscreen coating £30 
Full Glass coating £75

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