Exterior Valet

2 technicians 2-3 hours


  • Full clean of wheels* through the barrel and decontaminated (tar removal).
  • Full clean of wheel arches and decontaminated (tar removal).
  • Door hinges cleaned and de greased.
  • Door shuts and sills cleaned thoroughly.
  • Full safe body wash with snow foam and wash mittens.
  • Full decontamination of body paint work including clay towel if required.
  • Chrome trims and exhausts tips polished and protected.
  • Full hand polish of body work paint (using carnauba wax, creating a depth of shine and protection)
  • Dressing of all plastics and rubbers including tyres.

From £35

*Wheels cleaned from face through to back of barrel to the highest standard achievable depending on original condition and age of vehicle.

  • Address: Unit 6
    Churchill Business Park
    Sleaford Road
    Bracebridge Heath
    Lincoln LN4 2FF
  • Phone: 07914 029 123 - Mobile
    01522 520 236 - Main